Call for an awareness day over the amount of plastic in the sea


WEYMOUTH man Patrick Howie has launched an online petition lobbying the Government to create a national awareness day on the amount of plastic in the sea.

Mr Howie, who regularly swims in the sea, said: “There’s something umbilical about the sea: a sense of closeness, the sound, the colours, the beaches, bird and marine life, living nature.

“As I swim along I see fish, crabs and different shells, sometimes a lobster and sometimes giant jellyfish.

“Then I see lost footballs floating away which I sometimes manage to rescue. Then I see the debris: the cans and crisp packets, the glass and the plastic.

“Boy, so much plastic – bags, bottles, straws, buds, string, containers – so much, every day.

“The experts say that within a few years, unless we change, there will be more plastic in the sea than marine life! And it’s getting into our food chain; tiny particles appearing in our sea food. From land to sea and back again, maybe we’re the ones committing suicide?”

Mr Howie continued: “My idea is to get the Government to create a national awareness day specifically against plastic in the sea. There is no such dDay at the moment and it would be great if Britain were the first.

“We have great historical and cultural links to the sea – let’s protect it.

“A Government created day (or weekend) on which all organisations can focus, increasing the sum of the parts. An annual reminder around which organisations collaborate, for example why not a cordon of sea protection festivals around the coastal counties and working harbours? Family, educational, fun, fish and sea orientated?”

Patrick’s petition needs 100,000 signatures by April for it to be considered for debate in Parliament.

To sign up, visit